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November 2022

Star Knowledge Ceremony of Remembrance “Full Circle”

11:11 Star Knowledge Conference, Ceremony of Remembrance

Star Knowledge 1111 which started in South Dakota now comes full circle. Star Knowledge 1111 is a continuation of gatherings founded in 1996 by Chief Golden Light Eagle. The gathering is a place for those who feel called to speak, present, and perform in the vibration of love.

Ship sightings have increased in the area since Chief Golden Light Eagle has Passed.

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Chief Golden Light Eagle (1953-2021) spent over 25 years traveling and teaching across Turtle Island. He shared indigenous knowledge with all peoples and activated those he met to walk in balance with Unci Maka, Mother Earth.

With deep gratitude and reverence, we remember him as a great leader and unifier, bringing us together to remember our natural ways, our natural happiness, and to build a better future for the generations to come.

Wopida, Wambdi Za Za Zi Zi Itancan.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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Meet your Native Leader, Elders Wisdom Keepers & Host

Nikki Zephier

Hehaka Akichita Elksoldier

Galen Drapeau, Jr.

Glen Drapeau

Guy Zephier

Galena Drapeau

Grandmother SilverStar

Jackie Bird

Laura Eisenhower

Terri Sings With Ravens Rivera

Georgio Bongiovanni

Sonia Tabita Bongiovanni

Susan Stanton

Carla Poluha

Senor Gigio


Patricia Tate

Drew Bankey

Linda Ivarie

Alan Blackburn

Eddy Hensley